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waters metalworks family

Waters Metalworks is a family business that deals with all your agricultural welding and engineering needs. Owner Craig Waters is a qualified boilermaker who has over 20 years experience in the welding industry. He has worked as a boilermaker in both an  agricultural and mining setting, and is often credited for his attention to detail.


With an already established quality reputation and looking for the opportunity to come home from the mines, spend more time with his kids and put his own name to his workmanship Craig and his wife Emma  started Waters Metalworks and never looked back. 


“Our initial thoughts were to fill a perceived engineering gap in the local area by creating a service for on farm repairs. We knew at that stage there were no workshop spaces available and we wanted to see how much need there was for another engineer in the town, without taking work from already established businesses". So in October 2014, Craig built himself a trailer and set out to offer a Mobile Welding Service.

It soon became apparent though that when people found out Craig had his workmanship on offer they wanted more! "Farmers were beginning to drop parts for repair in our car shed at home and supply reps were coming to our car shed to deal with us, (which was a little embarrassing). We knew then that something had to change." In March 2016 thanks to some amazing friends we were able to operate out of a shed within the township of Booleroo Centre and extend our services to workshop repairs, custom built requests and general fabrication. 

In July 2018 the opportunity arose for us to purchase our own workshop in the main street of Booleroo Centre. With our 3 kids in tow, we now have our own work space with a small shop front, display yard and office! We still offer both the mobile welding and workshop services as well as provide a variety of products from trailer parts, paints, steel supplies and welding provisions.  

In our short time operating we have been blown away by the support our community, customers, suppliers, family and friends have given us! We like to refer to ourselves as a one man show and hopefully in the future this will alter but we wouldn't have got this far without the support system behind us. To the people who have given us a leg up, the people who have helped us out, the people who have used us and the people who simply come in to buy from us. We are grateful to you all! Remember when you shop locally, you are supporting a local family, our family.    

We look forward to what our future holds, how our story develops and we will never forget how we got here!

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